lundi 28 mai 2012

Michèle, une femme comme une autre, juste un peu plus courageuse peut-être..

La vie après le cancer, sans reconstruction.. même si un pauvre sire lui a dit "je ne peux plus te désirer maintenant.." Bravo. Parfois, le souci de faire plaisir à l'autre (qui ne le mérite pas) peut tuer. (Lien.)

 Once upon a time (lien avec l'article en français), there was a woman who refused to age, to have wrinkles, thighs and "panties" so-called "of horse", the breasts which pass from high beams to low beams... in fact, none of what Vogue and Marie Claire disapprove. No matter, she found plastic surgeons to cut, stretch, tighten, tattoo (makeup "permanent") and liposuccion... and I take breast here, and I hang up higher, and I add a little there and remove a bit elsewhere, then I raise up  eyes, (but the eyebrows disapear, never mind, I tattoo) I hollow cheeks, swallow pockets .. and finally, I inject silicone and collagen to smooth all as an plasterer ... this, very regularly ie once the substance has "disappeared" (where? And to do what? No one knows) and the wrinkles are back (biotox? No, not here) ... Because sometimes these reworks do not age well, it happens they make like waves, the navel decentred, a breast turns to left as a defective flashing set ... in short, when one subscribes to these costly reworks -whose the protocols sometimes seem lightest- it needs a serious customer- service. Until that an allergy to silicone, collagen [or some unidentified oil unfit to run the boilers] happens: more wrinkles certainly, not at all, but then cheeks like pumpkins ready to explode -and the same color- with a raging horse's fever... So, hospital emergency where, despite a previous colitis, they stuff her with anti inflammatories, which work very well, it finally deflates… but ulcerative explodes immediatly. Never mind, the salazopirine (a special drug) cures that very well -banned in France but the story doesn't happen in France- ... except that it requires regular monitoring of blood counts (!).. that she doesn't do because she knows anything about it [and anyway, when it is positive, it is too late.] Result: leukaemia.

So beware of cosmetic surgery, sometimes performed as we go to the hairdresser, and keep your meats "bio" unless extremely urgent, in the case for example you have shooting yourself in the face on an evening blues. Rare. Deus sive natura.